The Building Project

We are delighted to say that after Easter our builders recommenced work on phases 2 and 3 of our building project to repair and redecorate our sanctuary. This is amazing timing as we are not using the building during the coronavirus crisis, and therefore their work does not disrupt our activities. You can see the scope of our project further down this page.

We can also report that we have enough funds for this phase to be completed which is wonderful. The current amount still needed is £4481 which means we have raised £33,533, bringing the total to £52,044 since last September!!

How amazing is that? Please remember to thank God for his provision and pray for the builders as they work over the next few weeks.

We are encouraged that God will provide all we need to complete this project. If you wish to donate towards the shortfall please use our Donate page to give directly, or contact us at or through any of the other means on our Contact page.

We are grateful to all the private donors so far including all those within our own congregation, and also to the following for their grants towards this work (click on each logo to go to their websites):

Paul Bassham Charitable Trust


King Street Baptist Church launched The Building Project on Sunday September 8th 2019. We toured the building in small groups to see what our trustees have agreed should be repaired or replaced, following our surveyor’s advice. The work falls broadly into three phases:

  • Phase 1: Replacement of all the single glazed wooden windows at the rear of the church.

This involves the toilets, kitchen, office and two in the back room. Many of the current windows are rotten in places and it would make sense to replace them all at the same time with double glazed units. This will give the added benefit of improving security and warmth whilst also reducing ongoing maintenance.

Although this was originally intended to be the initial phase, it is not connected to the other phases and we were funded to start Phases 2 and 3 first. Nevertheless we continue to call this ‘Phase 1’ in all our documentation.

  • Phase 2: Main Sanctuary Windows and wall and roof repairs

Many of the large windows in the main sanctuary are in urgent need of repair due to rot and missing putty and all need painting externally.  Some walls also need repointing in places and there are some minor roof repairs to undertake.

  • Phase 3: Internal Redecoration of the Main Sanctuary

The sanctuary area is badly in need of redecoration internally along with some minor plaster repairs.

The overall total cost for the project is estimated to be between £55,000 – £60,000. This will be funded from:

  • Existing money held by the church for building work
  • Individual financial gifts
  • Individual financial loans
  • Fundraising events
  • Charitable Grants

We see our buildings as key to our work within the town, particularly due to our town centre location. As our Minister Rev Sally Sago says:

‘This project is exciting as it comes at a time when, as a church, we are seeking to open our building on a more regular basis in order to engage with the local community as well as work together with other churches and organisations across the town of Thetford and its surrounding villages.’