This week’s questions

Throughout our current sermon series on Joseph we are posting questions to help you think about the scripture passage. For Sunday 23rd September we looked at Genesis 37:1-11. Please use some or all of the following questions as you consider this week’s scripture and sermon.
• Imagine you were one of Joseph’s brothers. How would you have felt about his dreams?
• What did Jacob do that harmed the brothers’ relationship? How do you think he could have made amends?
• If you could change something in your family……what would it be?
• How do you think God uses dreams today?
• Where is God working in your life even though you cannot see him?
• In verse 11 it says, ‘his father kept the matter in mind’. What do you think was meant by this and why? What will you ‘keep in mind’ from today’s scripture? What does God want you to ponder on, work on that is significant for you?
• How do you see the church family and what is its importance to you?
• Where is God at work in your life today? What are your hopes and dreams?
• In what ways do you think others can see Jesus in your life?
• Have you had dreams that were of God for the future, that have been significant in your life?

On a more personal, individual level:
We have looked at Joseph’s family tree and the family history and generational patterns that were present. You may like to think about your own family tree, write it out, pray over it. Ask God to show you where there are issues that you need him to deal with and pray the Holy Spirit will help you to address them. You may need others to pray with you, please speak to Sally Sago who can arrange this for you.