Connecting by Zoom teleconference

Our Church services (and some other events) are available via online video conferencing during the coronavirus outbreak. This will allow you to see and hear the Minister and other speakers, as well as to see and talk to other people after the service who have joined in. The video conferencing is called Zoom, and you simply click on a link to connect, or enter a meeting ID into the Zoom app. Contact to request the link and the ID.

We strongly suggest you try this before attempting to connect for the first time on a Sunday. Here are the steps:

  1. Click/tap the link you have been given, on the device you want to use for the video conference.
  2. If using a PC/Mac or laptop: the first time only, depending on the browser you use, you may be asked to download a small piece of software to make it work. This is perfectly safe, say yes to any approval requests to make changes to your computer, and to access your microphone or camera. Next time, it will take you straight to the meeting.
  3. If using an iPad/tablet/smartphone, the first time only, you will be taken to the App Store or the Play Store to download the Zoom app. It may ask you for access to your microphone and camera, say Yes!
  4. You should now get a screen with options for ‘Join with Computer Audio’ or ‘Test Speaker and Microphone’. It’s a good idea to get the speaker and microphone levels right now rather than at one minute before the service!
  5. Then press ‘Join with Computer Audio’ and away you go! If trying this before Sunday then the meeting will not have started, and you can just close down the Zoom windows.
  6. Once in the meeting on the day, there are various controls that appear once you move the mouse or tap the screen. One set includes Mute on the left, and also has a button marked Participants, where you are able to ‘Raise your hand’ to attract attention. There are also some controls to switch between a view of the current speaker or a gallery of all of us. On a PC or Mac you can move the gallery around the screen and make it bigger or smaller to suit. On some phones and tablets you can swipe left or right to go between a view of the current speaker and a view of all the participants.

For Sunday services you will be able to join from 10:30am, ready for a prompt start at 10:45. We pray that you find the technology is a help not a hindrance and that we will have a prayerful and profitable time together, virtually.