This week’s questions

During our current sermon series ‘Joseph: The BIG Picture Guy’ we are posting questions to help you think about the scripture passage. For Week 6 on Sunday 28th October we looked at Genesis 41:40-56. We invite you to use some or all of the following questions as you consider this scripture:
1. How do you think Joseph managed to handle the change that happened in his life? From prison to second person in the kingdom? Discuss together how you imagine it must have been like?
2. Can you think of modern-day people who have started with nothing and become powerful or rich? What do you think are the dangers of this?
3. Joseph appeared to live in the moment and yet he was planning ahead. How do we as followers of Jesus get the balance right in responding to God on a daily basis and planning the future?
4. When Joseph was building storehouses and planning for famine, it must have been like Noah when he built the Ark. To ordinary people there didn’t seem any reason to keep grain when there was a good harvest. People must have been sceptical and rather amazed or amused by it. Joseph stuck to the task, kept going.
List all the strengths of Joseph’s character that we have seen so far in the story that would help him in his task. Which ones are the most difficult to develop or live out in our lives?
5. Can you think of any similarities/parallels between the lives of Joseph and Jesus?
6. What do the names Joseph gave to his two sons tell you about Joseph?
7. Key words this week are Abundance, Famine, Power and Prudence. Look up the meanings of these words and in prayerful thought before God consider what meaning they may have for the church today as well as for ourselves individually.
Personal Challenge: What part or which detail of Joseph’s story has had the greatest effect on you and why? How can you use it for your own spiritual growth and faith journey?