Advent Week 2: The God who speaks

These are some questions you may like to discuss in your group or consider individually following the sermon this week. It is not intended that you consider all of them in one sitting and it is suggested that alternatively you could use them as a daily devotional throughout the week.

1.  Read John 1:1-5. If we understand the ‘Word’ to be Jesus what do you think it means?

Why is this important for us to understand?

Spend time reflecting on these words during the week.

2. John tells us Jesus was present at creation. Words are spoken. Consider Genesis 1. How many times do the words ‘and God said’ appear in the text?

Why do you think this is significant or important?

3. In Genesis 3:8-9 we see God speaking to Adam and Eve. They heard God and tried to hide, but God called to them.

What has been your experience of hearing from God? This will be different for all of us and perhaps depend on how long we have been in relationship with him.

In order to encourage others think about how you might help someone else hear God speak. How will they know it is God?

4. Isaiah 9:6 prophesies that a child will be born. It says ‘and He will be called’. Did people prophesy over you when you were a child? She will be a doctor, he will go far, he will be good with his hands, she will be a handful!

What do you think is the power of such words?

What does that teach us in speaking over others or prophesying without realising?

Spend time praying for release from words that may have been unhelpful and had a spiritual hold over your past life. If you are in a group ask others to pray for you. If not and you feel it would help to discuss this speak to the minister or one of the pastoral team.

5. Why do we send Christmas cards? Are they useful?

Write a Christmas card to God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit this week.

6. There are many scripture verses about Jesus being light of the world. Psalm 36:9 says ‘in your light we see light’. If through Jesus living in us we can see life in a different way, as God sees it, what do you think that means for our behaviour and our actions?

Encourage others this week to see things from God’s perspective.

7. Make a list of your neighbours this week, people who live in your area – those you know and those you don’t – and pray for them.