Advent Week 3: The witness and testimony of John the Baptist

Questions for week beginning December 16th 2018

These are some questions you may like to discuss in your group or consider individually following the sermon this week. It is not intended that you consider all of them in one sitting and it is suggested that alternatively you could use them as a daily devotional throughout the week.

1. The story of the birth of John the Baptist is told in Luke 1:5-25, 57-80. What similarities and what differences are there with the birth of Jesus? What facts help us to see God’s divine hand at work?

2. Read the accounts of John the Baptist in the gospels; Matthew 3:1-17, Mark 1:1-15, Luke 3:1-20, John 1:6-34.
How do you picture him? How would you describe him? What was his purpose and what can we learn from him?

3. Share your testimony, of either your conversion or a time when God spoke to you that had an impact on your life and faith, with someone else and experience being a witness for Jesus.

4. What are you praying for this Christmas?

5. How can we be good witnesses for the kingdom of God? Choose one thing to work on with God to improve your witness to others in the next two months.

6. Give a word of encouragement or appreciation to someone every day this week.