Questions week beginning 10th February

These are some questions you may like to discuss in your group or consider individually following the sermon this week. It is not intended that you consider all of them in one sitting, and you could use or or two of them at a time as a daily devotional throughout the week.
The scripture passage was Philippians 2:1-11:
1) What does this passage tell us about Jesus and who He is?
2) What encouragements do we have from being united with Christ (v.1) and how much do we experience of them?
3) What should our attitude (mind) be towards others (3-4) – and what is it in reality?
4) What was the attitude (mind) of Christ Jesus (5-8) and what can we learn from it?
5) How can we follow His example in making ourselves nothing (7)? How willing are we for this?
6) What was the end result of Christ’s attitude? How does it make you feel when you read of God’s purposes foretold by Isaiah 45:21-25 and Daniel 7:9-14?
7) Read Ezekiel 34:11-16. How do we see this fulfilled in Christ Jesus?
8) Read Acts 4:7-12. What do you know about the power of the name of Jesus Christ? How can we know more?