Questions week beginning February 17th

These are some questions you may like to discuss in your group or consider individually following the sermon this week. It is not intended that you consider all of them in one sitting, and you could use or or two of them at a time as a daily devotional throughout the week.
Read John 2:1-11 – The Wedding at Cana
1. What is the thing that strikes you most from this passage of scripture? Why?
2. ‘Do whatever he tells you’ John 2:5 How good are we at doing this faithfully every day in response to Jesus who is the Lord and has authority over our lives?
3. Imagine you were one of the servants filling the water jars – how would you react when you saw what happened?
4. Have you known of or experienced Jesus’ healing or miraculous power in your own life? Share with others if you are able. What effect did it have on you?
5. What spiritual disciplines do you think there are that we should live out in our daily lives? Is there one in particular you could plan to work at in the next few weeks?
6. How important is Communion to you? Why? Do you think we celebrate Communion often enough as a holy sacrament? How does Communion impact your faith?
7. This is Jesus’ first miracle – what other miracles can you think of and what do you think they each achieved?
Pray this week that as a church family we would know the transforming power of the gospel and be able to share it with others.