Easter Sunday April 12th

Easter Sunday April 12th is a great celebration of the resurrection of Jesus when he rose from the dead, and KSBC will be celebrating over the internet at 10:45am. You will be able to join from 10:30am for a prompt start. Come dressed for a party, make an effort 😊 wear an Easter bonnet (!) if you have one or can make one from what you already have in your house (do not go out specially to buy things!). We will celebrate communion too, you do not have to take part but if you wish to then please have bread and a drink (anything) ready in your home so that we can share together. All welcome, even if you have not worshipped with us before. Please use this link to connect https://zoom.us/j/783401931. If you have any problems getting set up there is more information here . See you there! #worship #praise #inittogether #churchonamission #easter #eastersunday #carryon