Bible readings for Lent

Each year during Lent (the weeks leading up to Easter) the church reads a book of the Bible together, a few verses each day. Our study for Lent 2020 looks at the book of Acts.

The book of Acts was written by Luke, the doctor, and is the account of how the first Christians spread the good news of Jesus in the first thirty years following his death. It shows the development of the early church in difficult times, how it spread, how they lived, the importance of the Holy Spirit, the teachings of the apostles, how to plant, grow and nurture churches as well as many signs and wonders alongside the great faith of many who were disciples of Christ.

It has much to teach us about being Christian and how to live distinctively in today’s world.

Be encouraged and inspired as you as read it, in the knowledge that, as a church we are reading together to seek the word of God in 2020.

To help you as you read, we have a guide that can be accessed here. Booklets are available at church that contain all the daily readings. Each day we hope to publish the Bible reading for the day on this website, on Facebook and on Instagram.

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