Guide to 2020 Lent readings

Each year during Lent the church reads a book of the Bible together, a few verses each day. You can find more information about our readings for 2020 here.

To help you hear from God as you read, the following is offered as a guide. As you prepare to read:

Pray – ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding about something in the bible verses.
Scripture – read the Scripture for the day from your Bible – perhaps two or three times slowly.
Observation – Think about what is happening: What one thing strikes you or surprises you? What does the passage tell us about God, his people and/or life? Are there promises, commands or warnings?
Application – Is there anything that speaks to your situation today? Is there anything you can see that perhaps you haven’t seen before? Is there anything that the passage is teaching you or that you need to work on in your life at the moment?
Pray again, about what you have read. Ask the Lord to help you if there is something you want to change as a result of your reading.

Write down or draw or somehow capture your thoughts in a notebook/journal so you can remind yourself of the things you learn through Lent.

If you are already a part of our fellowship, why not try to attend house group or MICE during Lent to discuss any questions, or meet with someone for coffee to chat about the scriptures you are reading.